Meet Our Staff


Here at Full Awn Fab we have a little bit of every type of experience. Full Awn has master fabricators to skilled Wyotech technicians working to make your Jeep or 4x4 come to life and exceed your expectations. Take a minute to get to know us.

Brandon Turner
Owner & President
Master Fabricator

Founder and owner of Full Awn Fab, Brandon Turner is the main man behind the scenes. Without Brandon, we simply have a shop full of monkeys who would take twice as long to perfect your rig without his direction. Whether you want something mild or wild, chances are Brandon has done it before and done it well. 

Angel Maldonado
Shop Manager

Angel is the new shop secretary. He has a sweet phone voice and lots of manners for when customers call up complaining about how other shops did a shit job on their rigs. He handles it. He's organized and even has a cup full of pens and pencils on his desk. He's also our marketing and social media guru. 

Help Wanted for Fabricator/Tech

We have an opening for a fabricator and tech at Full Awn Fab. Want to join our team of fabricators and techs? Have what it takes to make it in the offroad and 4x4 world? Send us your resume and we'll get in touch with you to schedule a time to chat. 

Tyler Shannon

Tyler is the newest member of the team. He's our resident good ol' boy. He also wins the award for the longest commute to work as he lives in West VA. So... Jeeps, bikes, deer, whatever... he'll chop it up and make it better.  He's too new to make jokes about yet so stay tuned!

Blair Thomas
Chief Kerfuckulator

Blair loves him some classic Jeeps. Whether it's a CJ-8 Scrambler or an old Cherokee Chief, Blair knows his stuff. He's our best dirty joke teller in the shop. If you can't laugh at Blair then you might as well be dead.  Blair can kerfuckulate just about anything back to it's original condition or better.